A bit about Hugo

Hugo Woolley is a chef and restaurateur by training and profession. He trained at Chichester Catering College in Sussex, went to London, worked as a receptionist at the Park Lane Hotel in Piccadilly, trained Bunny Girls to do the ‘Bunny Dip’ (a long story!), commis chef and then a restaurant receptionist at the Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch and then three years as head chef of a little French restaurant in Battersea Park Road called La Grenouille (the frog) where Princess Margaret, the Aga Khan and many other notables used to eat.

After a stint as restaurant manager at El Vino’s in Fleet Street and Martin Lane, when he got married to Pippa in September 1979, Hugo helped start a chain of American Bar and Grills for Bob Payton and Imperial Inns and Taverns around London. He then, with his Brother Oliver bought their first up-market sandwich shop in Ludgate Hill, City of London in 1984 and a specialist sausage business in Kent and Sussex in 1993.

Hugo was badly injured in a car accident in October 1995. All had to be sold after the accident.

Then, Hugo and Pippa – who is also a caterer - decided to move to Cornwall from their house in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. It was warmer for Hugo’s legs and Pippa could run a B&B – something she has always wanted to do. Pippa and Hugo have run the award winning B&B,  Woodlands Country House  for the past twenty years - they were famous for their breakfasts.

Now they have retired and have moved to St Tudy near Wadebridge. Their celebrated Granolas, Mueslis are being manufactured in Cornwall and can be bought in most good Cornishb food shops, and also online. Go to www.hugosbreakfast.co.uk