B&B - The Book of Breakfast and Brunch:

Somebody once said; ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. The day should start with a good breakfast. It not only invigorates your intelligence; it lowers stress and (believe it or not) keeps the weight down – even reduces it! I have been reliably informed that a good bit of cholesterol in the morning gets rid of suicidal tendencies – however – it was a dairy farmer who told me this! Breakfast should be eaten leisurely, at a table with a newspaper to read to prevent hurried consumption, also an array of condiments scattered around to complement this essential meal. This is a feast eaten in silence, with a trickle of music from the radio in the background, only the near noiseless and polite acknowledgement to your loved one or guest, when they appear. Never eat your breakfast ‘on the hoof’ unless you are camping or picnicking. Eating breakfast on the way to work will only give you indigestion or, a dollop of tomato sauce on your tie or egg on your face.

To this end we have written a book of Breakfast & Brunch called: ‘B&B The Book of Breakfast & Brunch’ by Hugo Woolley. Forward by Rick Stein; Padstow celebrity chef, restaurateur and TV broadcaster.

Hugo’s book is a wonderful journey through the glorious world of the best meal of the day! With old and new British recipes, International recipes, sophisticated and simple and even ideas for if you are ‘hung-over’.

Hugo, a chef and restaurateur by experience, lives with his wife Pippa at their award winning bed and breakfast guesthouse, Woodlands Country House, near Padstow in Cornwall. Pippa’s guesthouse has an unsurpassed reputation for its diverse and delicious breakfast menu.

The book is littered with his personal asides and breakfast quotes from the famous and the infamous, which make it a most enjoyable and humorous read. Stories of Hugo and Pippa’s travels and breakfasts they have had around the world (well – a bit of the world). It is incredible how diverse breakfast is around the world. Hugo has always experimented with breakfast menus and wholeheartedly agrees with Somerset Maugham who is quoted as saying “To eat well in England, you should have breakfast three times a day”!!

One thing is certain, you will now be making breakfast or brunch to enjoy all through the day. Breakfast and Brunch are the best meal of the day – who has ever heard of an ‘All Day Lunch’?!